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Pelvic Floor Therapy South Austin

Pelvic Floor Therapy South Austin

Pelvic floor therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy designed to help strengthen and restore the health of the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that support your pelvic organs, such as the bladder, uterus, and rectum. Dysfunction in these muscles can lead to a range of issues, including urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pain during sex. If you're in South Austin and considering pelvic floor therapy, we've got you covered with everything you need to know about this treatment option.

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Therapy

Reduce or eliminate incontinence

A weakened pelvic floor can cause difficulties in controlling the release of urine or feces, leading to episodes of incontinence. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help to regain control and prevent embarrassing accidents.

Alleviate pelvic pain

Some individuals experience chronic pelvic pain, which can be caused by various factors such as muscle tension, nerve irritation, or scar tissue. Pelvic floor therapy can help to alleviate pain by improving muscle relaxation, reducing nerve sensitivities, and breaking up any scar tissue.

Improve sexual function

A healthy pelvic floor contributes to sexual health, as it helps to maintain optimal sexual arousal, lubrication, and orgasmic function. Pelvic floor therapy can improve sexual function by enhancing muscle tone, control, and coordination.

Prevent pelvic organ prolapse

Weakening of the pelvic floor muscles can cause pelvic organs to slacken or fall out of place, leading to a prolapse. Targeted exercise and therapy can reinstate and maintain adequate support, preventing further issues and improving overall quality of life.

Treatment Options for Pelvic Floor Therapy

Manual therapy

A trained therapist uses their hands to stretch, massage, and mobilize the pelvic floor muscles. This can help release tight muscles, improve blood flow, and reduce pain.


This involves using sensors to monitor your pelvic floor muscle activity and provide real-time feedback, allowing you to understand how to properly engage the muscles and track your progress.

Electrical stimulation

A gentle electrical current is applied to the pelvic floor muscles, causing them to contract and relax. This helps to strengthen weakened muscles and improve control.

Pelvic floor exercises

Individuals are taught how to perform exercises, such as Kegels, to strengthen and gain better control over their pelvic floor muscles. Consistent practice is necessary for best results.

Finding a Pelvic Floor Therapist in South Austin

When searching for a pelvic floor therapist in South Austin, consider the following:

Experience and qualifications

Look for a trained physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor therapy. Confirm their credentials and past patient testimonials.

Comfort and rapport

Your therapist should make you feel comfortable discussing private matters and allow you to feel at ease during treatment sessions.

Accessibility and location

Find a therapist that is convenient for your schedule and easy to get to within the South Austin area.

Pelvic Floor Therapy South Austin Example

Imagine you're a new mom in South Austin who has recently given birth and is experiencing urinary incontinence. By seeking pelvic floor therapy, you may find relief from your symptoms and regain your confidence. Through sessions with a qualified therapist, you'll learn how to perform Kegel exercises and receive guidance on improving your pelvic floor muscle strength. Over time, you'll notice a positive change in your symptoms and an overall improvement in your pelvic health.

If you're based in South Austin and considering pelvic floor therapy, we hope this guide has helped you understand the benefits and treatment options available to you. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can transform your life in many ways – from improved bladder control to better sexual health. Share this guide with someone you know who could benefit from pelvic floor therapy and start the journey towards better pelvic health today. Also, don't forget to explore other informative articles on the Pelvic Floor Therapy blog for more helpful tips and advice.


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